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Pauline Youngblood’s Story
For over 20 years Pauline Youngblood sought to create the cleanest luxury beauty products in the world. Inspired by the treatments she provided during her time as a medical aesthetician and the need for makeup so natural that it could be worn after treatment. For her, clean luxury means sparing no expense to ensure ultimate performance with the most natural ingredients. As you can imagine, 20 years ago it wasn't so easy, and it wasn't so trendy. Today even as the very first clean luxury cosmetic brand Youngblood continues to raise the bar and stay at the forefront of clean beauty. Pauline personally reviews every formula and works alongside the best chemists in the world to make sure they deliver healthy, natural, and superior products that help every woman be her best self.

As you take the time to dive into her award-winning collection and learn Youngblood’s story, Pauline encourages you to reach out to anyone on the Youngblood team. Ask yourself how Youngblood cosmetics can change the lives of others. Maybe you or someone you know is suffering from acne and needs a non-irritating foundation. Maybe you've encountered someone recovering or suffering from cancer who has to be extremely careful of what they put on their skin. Maybe you are going for a big promotion at work and need makeup that does the job while keeping you looking professional and natural all day long.

We all have stories to tell and each and every one of them is just as powerful as the next. We must look inside ourselves and realize that makeup is not only skin deep but a life changing product that will remain at the forefront of women's self-confidence for generations to come.

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