Color Campaign



  • Davines - Client Retention

    Why clients stay and why they go? What can we do about it starting from the first visit? Show appreciation for new guests and the most long-standing clients. Look at how retail affects retention statistically.

  • Davines - Proactive Prebooking

    Increasing client appointment pre-booking is a wonderful way to get the salon a raise quickly. Walk through the math and learn how to pre-book for profits! Learn why clients pre-book and why they don’t. Winning verbiage for our stylists and desk teams.

  • Davines Virtual Sustainable Salon Master Course - Stylist Course

    Welcome to Davines’ Sustainable Salon Master course! This course is designed to introduce stylists to be leaders in making changes for the planet. Inspire others to look for sustainable choices every day!

    Course goals:
    Raise your salon’s sustainability levels
    Create a calendar plan of goals within the pillars of sustainability
    Share ideas and be part of a positive and international movement