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The Ultimate Partner Program

PSSI REWARDS” is truly a partnering program to reward our customers for their loyalty to Professional Salon Services’ brands. To show our appreciation to our most valued asset, our clients, we will reward them with the necessary support with products, marketing materials and education to help them grow their businesses.

“PSSI REWARDS” is an easy program to be involved with. You buy; we support. Each quarter your purchases are calculated to determine the category your salon falls after a 1st quarter qualifying period. After qualification is obtained by exceeding the minimum purchase of $2100/qtr or $700/mo for one quarter your benefits will begin. No one has to sign up or apply for the program. We enroll you, monitor your purchases and inform you of your “REWARDS”. A menu of available products, education and travel will be presented for you to choose. It is that simple.
The more you purchase, the greater the benefits. The following chart demonstrates the purchasing categories and benefit percentage.

Silver Minimum $2100 to $4199 Percentage Earned 2% Equals Points Earned*
Gold Minimum $4200 to $5999 Percentage Earned 4% Equals Points Earned*
Platinum Minimum $6000 to Unltd Percentage Earned 7.5% Equals Points Earned*

If used properly, “REWARDS” can help grow your business beyond your wildest expectations. Ask your trained PSSI Sales Consultant to help manage your points for various strategies to help increase sales, support much needed staff, attract or reward clients.
NOTE: Framesi purchases will apply to “PSSI REWARDS” to establish your level, and benefits will be dispersed through the Elite Moda Capelli program.
Alterna purchases will apply to “PSSI REWARDS” to establish your level and benefits will be dispersed through the Alterna Advantage program. Davines purchases will apply to “PSSI REWARDS” to establish your level and benefits will be dispersed through the Davines Rewards Program. After Elite Moda Capelli, Alterna Advantage & Davines Rewards programs sales are backed out of the total sales number, PSSI will offer “REWARDS” points at the total sales level percentage achieved. Points can only be redeemed by clients in good standing, at the time of reward redemption.

Freight will be charged at current UPS rates.