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What Is Sustainability?


What does sustainability even mean? Is it real or just another marketing ploy?

Consumers are showing a great interest and need for a more sustainable lifestyle. This also includes that their beauty products are appropriate for this emerging category. Today’s Professional Beauty products are more accountable than ever. It’s not just making sure of their high quality ingredients, but also about their long term impact on the environment.


Along with our biggest sustainable beauty manufacturer Davines, which we will talk about in our next blog, we now welcome one of our newest brands born and produced in Massachusetts that also maintains a high standard of quality well beyond FDA requirements. As a diverse company they are using their technological innovations to replace harmful chemicals found in textiles and skincare by replacing them with natural sustainable ingredients so those harmful petrochemicals that find their way into our water systems, food, and eventually our bodies don’t exist.
We partnered with them for these reasons as well as with their hand sanitizer, soap and new hand therapy that are all amazing.


42% of people do not realize that personal care products contain ingredients made of crude oil. The average woman is exposed to 168 unique personal care ingredients every day. Silk and human skin share a similar protein structure with 18 amino acids in common. Evolved by Nature uses their activated silk technology to replace those harmful chemicals in both skin care and textiles creating a sustainable alternative.


For Evolved by Nature, sustainability is not just a box to check, it's a promise to do no harm – which means minimizing our impact on the planet and on the people who make and use our products.

As an organization, we undertook an ISO-compliant Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) to fully understand our impact and to continuously improve our internal supply chain and manufacturing processes.

We carefully consider each piece of our supply chain – from how our farmers water their mulberry plants, to how we ship our cocoons – and the potential impact on planetary and human health.

Activated Silk™ technology itself is bioharmonious – causing no harm to living systems (either biological or environmental). It's non-toxic and biodegradable, and is made from a renewable resource: silk cocoons spun by silkworms fed only renewable, pesticide-free mulberry leaves.

In our hand sanitizers, Activated Silk protects and hydrates skin's natural barrier, even with frequent use. It allows us to formulate with just four naturally-derived ingredients, and leave out chemicals of concern such as BZK, glycerin (which can reduce the effectiveness of alcohol), fragrances, allergens or other unnecessary chemicals.Because we manufacture in our own facilities and have labs on-site, we are also able to test all of our carefully-tested ingredients to ensure quality and purity.

In textiles, Activated Silk reduces or replaces the need for potentially harmful finishing chemicals that are typically applied to garments to impart specific performance benefits, such as moisture-wicking in nylon, anti-pilling in wool or color saturation in leather. The benefits listed above extend to the textile industry – it's safer for mill employees to handle, better for customers wearing garments next-to-skin and does no harm to the environment when garments are washed. Not to mention the process to create Activated Silk is much better for the environment and human health than the processes to create petroleum-derived chemicals.

In personal care, Activated Silk can replace harsh preservatives and fillers often found in products on the market today – enabling formulation with minimal ingredients. It also partners well with skin's collagen, resulting in a firmer appearance without the use of harsh chemicals.


Evolved by Nature is the proud official hand sanitizer for Gillette Stadium of Foxboro Massachusetts!


During the current pandemic Evolved by Nature has been committed to reinvesting its profits into the Helping Hands Program producing and donating substantial quantities of hand sanitizer to front line workers, marginalized communities, and those keeping our communities safe.

As of early July 2020, they have been able to donate 2400+ Liters to more than 100 hospitals, fire departments, food pantries, nursing homes, community outreach organizations and more.

So, why not be *Evolved by Nature today…

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